The MOVE to a BIGGER LIFE — downsizing for tiny living and selling all our shi*t-

Scaling down just before my 40th birthday was a highlight of my adult life. It was hard work and pure bliss! We downsized from a three bedroom house, including a fully kitted garden flat and moved into a tiny home (on the water). We have nothing in storage and what does not fit into our boat, found a new home. It was liberating to say the least. You have less stuff to worry about, organize, and clean….we are still throwing things out of the boat every now and then. If it is not getting used, it

Tips for surviving your African Safari – dearniche

You are planning your African Safari and excited to see it all. Here are some of my notes on how to make the best of it. • Don’t drink too much. Overlanding often gets a bad reputation for a “boozing” holiday, but we made sure our passengers got their moneys worth, and that is through a sobering and scenic experience. • Get up early, stay up late. You can sleep anywhere in the world (that goes for drinking too), so make your time under the African sky count. No better way than actually enjoy loo

Kayak the mangroves in Abu Dhabi – dearniche

Adventure out and kayak the peaceful mangroves in Abu Dhabi. Paddle along and discover the natural beauty of the mangroves while you enjoy the clear water and clearer sky. It is easily doable in less than 2 hours and ideal for solo travelers, families or couples. It will be fun and a great alternative to the overly marketed shopping that is often associated with this region. Touring companies are all around (we used and you can easily book online. Although you do not have to

New Zealand (Nelson and South Island): Tramping to Angelus Hut – dearniche

Tramping (the Kiwi term for “long distance hikes through rough country. i.e.: bush walking, hiking, rambling) is probably just about a national sport in New Zealand, a short head behind rugby and possibly competing with mountain biking, sailing and, well, all the other outdoor activities you can think of. Trampers generally carry backpacks, wet weather gear and equipment for cooking and sleeping and there is a great deal of tramping to be done on both the South and Norther Island, with the Depar

5 things to consider when working in coffee shops – dearniche

I have been free of formal corporate desks for nearly two years now. In this time, I have often used coffee shops as my office. It was sometimes by choice (I needed some inspiration), sometimes by chance (oh, look! A new coffee shop!) and sometimes as a lifesaver (arrhhh, my phone just died and I need to download that email!) Although the life of a ‘digital nomad” often relies on good internet connection, good manners should be your starting point to freelance etiquette in shared spaces. You mi

EP41 | Knysna Wooden boat yard | Sailing Pluto - YouTube

The Wooden Boat Yard in Knysna is a feast for the eyes if you love sailing, wooden vessels, history, and renovations. Dudley Isaac invited us to visit his shed and meet Al Maleka, a sailboat and gift from the British people to the Sultan of Zanzibar. This daysailer has had a rather interesting life and was found on the Vaaldam, rotten and looking for some much needed TLC. The boatyard is filled with all sorts of boats and sailing paraphernalia, like outboard motors from the 70's, wooden masts, rudders, Indian cold pressed canoes in the making, old school sailing photos, an Uffa Fox Sailing Canoe and many more.

SAILING: How did we choose our boat? – dearniche

HOW DID WE CHOOSE OUT BOAT? We were clueless when we started. We looked online and shortlisted a few boats we liked. It was mostly based on looks and a little on the specs, although we had NO clue what to look, we had a general sense of what we liked – old school, simple lines. We watched videos, read reviews, asked around but always had a feeling we wanted to go MONOHULL and NOT catamaran. In our opinion Monohulls are more classic and old school sailing and AS A MAJOR BONUS, they handle the S

You missed the provisional tax deadline. Or you paid too little. Now what?

The provisional tax deadline is at the end of February and the responsibility of paying it on time, rest with each individual payer. But life happens. You were busy with your business, the kids got sick, you were travelling or you had other family responsibilities and you missed the deadline. We get that. Before we tell you how we can still assist with late or incorrect payments, let’s discuss the reality of penalties in missing a tax deadline: Late payments are subject to a penalty of 10%. T

Provisional Tax Explained

Provisional Tax deadline is at the end of February every year, but so many people do not know what it means. That's okay. We are here to help you - not only to get your tax under control but also to better understand what is required for handling your tax responsibilities better. LET'S START WITH WHO NEEDS TO PAY: Any person who receives income (or to whom income accrues) other than a salary, is a provisional taxpayer. Most salary earners are therefore non-provisional taxpayers if they have no

Nichelle Swanepoel: Swapping suburbia for life on a sailboat

There are a lot of things you have to let go when you sell up and move onto a sailboat. For a start; your 1800-watt hairdryer, high heels and crisp white and perfectly ironed clothes. Your sense of adventure and a great deal of patience and adaptability? Double up on those. So why would someone give up the comforts of suburban bliss in exchange for an ever-moving home exposed to all the elements nature can possibly throw at you and venture off to explore the Indian Ocean Islands on a 36ft sail

Aesthetic skin care in the heart of Fish Hoek

An award winning clinic with a history of starting up in Fish Hoek over 13 years ago, moved to Westlake and then to Constantia, and is now in the heart of Fish Hoek. Have you always wondered how to treat sun damaged and sensitized skin? Or how to get an even skin tone and improve pigmentation marks? Even adults suffer from adult acne due to our demanding life styles. Marijke Harteveld, the owner of View health and skin care clinic, is a highly qualified skin expert with a passion for result or

ADVERTORIAL: Control Your Cravings with a Cuppa

We all know the best way to control cravings is to eat regularly so that your blood sugar remains stable. But, if you find yourself searching for something to nibble all the time, especially through the colder, winter months, you might see a slightly…umm, heavier you come spring. ‘Rather, make a cup of tea before you grab another unhealthy snack,’ says Herbex Marketing Manager, Nichelle Swanepoel. We have a wide selection of delicious teas in our Herbex range that will help curb your appetite. N